Ladder Installation

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Ladder works in various colours shown at the Alaska Building; Damasquine Gallery, Brussels; Dominic Berning, London; Rhodes + Mann, London and other venues.
Acrylic, fluorescent tubes and either polycarbonate or galvanized metal supports.
3 metres high, 420mm wide.

Engineer: JRF Panels
Photo: Artist
Acknowledgments: Jake Bowie; Instrument Glasses.

These works developed through living in a particular flat. We lived on one floor of a warehouse in the East End of London, which was quite high both internally and externally. Inside there were platforms up in the roof where there were bedrooms or storage and outside lay a 180¡ vista across East London which was very low apart from three tall tower blocks that stood right in the middle of the view. These buildings became a point of focus for me, perhaps a little like MonetÕs haystacks. I would watch the towers change over the course of a day and into the night, or glance up to see another surprising aspect previously unnoticed. The dull grey beige slab buildings transformed themselves at night, from being heavy monoliths to floating light boxes, opening up deep into the interior of the building. From a distance with the right configuration they started to look like giant ladders linking the skies with the East End lowlands.