Spiraline, Derby Playhouse

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Two giant spirals in steel and fibre optics form a new symbol for the theatre. I wanted the spirals to convey something of the energy from the theatre radiating out into the community. They sit on two different faces of the fly-tower. During the day there is an interplay of moiré patterns created by the interference in the open mesh steel. At night fibre optics, which run around the building, delineate the form of the building and the spirals.
Stainless steel, side emitting fibre optics. 4m and 6m diameters.

Client: Derby Playhouse
Commissioning agent: Karen Durham, Public Arts.
Engineer: Tim Lucas, Price & Myers Consulting Engineers.
Manufacturer: Mayflower Engineering.
Budget: £35,000
Photo: Grenville Davey
Acknowledgments: Bill Doneghan, Mayflower Engineering; Alex Stafford, David Edwards, Derby Playhouse.