We Could Meet – Canary Wharf

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I’m interested in how art in the public realm can improve the quality of life in the city.  I think art can humanise and help with a sense of location, allowing us to feel less intimated by the modern city, as we recognise, like a medieval hanging sign, a sense of the place.

My work addresses perception of space, usually primarily visual.

I am interested in how awareness of the illuminated ends of the rods allow, or encourage, a dislocation of the sense of the space they occupy.

The context adds a mirroring affect creating further spatial ambiguities, as does the viewpoint from above.

The formal grid of rods echoes a long considered tradition in art and produces an order out of which the informality of chance events are allowed to happen.

As the light changes colour, the juxtapositions of our colour perception change as well.  Red in a field of blue appears different to the same red in an orange field.

Further, our movement as we transit the work will effect the sight lines.  How ovoid, or round, the tips appear, how the rods seem to shift position as our viewpoint changes.

All these become part of the dance of engagement with the work, activating it, and perhaps helping to make a place from a space.

Materials: Acrylic rods, LED projectors,Fibre optics and acrylic sheet and tubes.

Commissioned by Canary Wharf Management. 2015