Lockdown Lightup

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An emanating light glowing across the city space.  An opening of interior life unveiling the possibility of lives led inside.  The slender membrane of glass reveals both the outer world, and the inner.  The glass is a liminal barrier hiding and revealing.  Slipping between mirror reflecting back to us the inner, or the outer, worlds.

Towers of offices or, residences, which, during the day, have a cool apparent solidity, at night reveal their hollow interiors.  The daytime experience is one of exclusion, the cool glass, steel and concrete rebuffing our view, but at night our imagination is invited in to explore.  The variations of light source, or curtains, suggesting qualities of activities led within.  The whole is a dematerialised pattern of light and shadow.

We can imaginatively construct patterns.  Floating rectangles pile on top of one another, revealing presence and absence, blocks of interior light and lines of dark structure.

Hovering nighttime revelations illuminate our darkness, perhaps leading us to a distant destination, envisaging shelter ahead.  Like a beacon or a star, we are guided by the disembodied distant glowing interior drawing us onward to sanctuary.

The glass window is always a contradiction, apparently hard and brittle yet it is in flux and close to liquid.  It invites yet repels, always in a dialogue between in and out.    

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