Round and Round

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Round and Round consists of a number of concentric circles of clear acrylic with dichroic film applied. The discs turn within one another in the wind while the film reflects the surroundings, and when sunlit, transmits varying coloured circles both reflected and refracted by the film.

Part of my interest in light is how it can define our visual perception of space. I enjoy the refractions and reflections of light moving, creating the possibility of a dissolution of the perceived space. We feel less certain of the boundaries of both our own bodies and the space we inhabit.

Apart from the simple charm of floating evanescent colour, there is a sense of allowing a dialogue between the city and the self. Perhaps encouraging a curiosity and questioning regarding the scale and legibility of city spaces set against our ordinary human needs.

I think that art in public spaces can help humanise the cities we occupy. Making them more readable and so easier to inhabit, perhaps resonant of signage in medieval towns. Art in the public realm allows for engagement or indifference, sometimes surprising a casual viewer who may suddenly notice an aspect previously overlooked.

Light in the city can be like clothing, or jewellery, a city wears at night. Brake or traffic lights suggesting bright resonant jewels of glowing colour against dark clothing. Light and shadow slice the city streets and buildings. Illuminating, controlling and sometimes shocking the brain, but almost always enriching the city scape which we inhabit.